Marci Rubin – Microcosm – May 6/Artist Talk May 7, 3pm.

Pen, Ink & Song welcomes sculptor/printmaker/animal rights activist/DJ Marci Rubin for an exhibition of new and existing work called “Microcosm.”


Rubin’s process of direct printmaking on paper with fruit and ink led her to discover a basic, raw, and primary nature of creating work. Working with fruit as a material evoked questions regarding origin of cycles and phases. Utilizing fruit such as limes, grapefruits, tomatoes, apples, bananas or peaches as a material source captures the essence of the fruited body and transforms them into narratives of cellular cycles, phases, or generation. These works are a direct documentation of the lime, grapefruit, tomato, apple, banana, and peach as symbols of the cell.

“Recently my work involving the body has become political. The questions leading me to create these pieces are constituted from my interrogation of concepts such as; what is our body’s direct and indirect relationship to our environment, and how does the media and government have control of/over our bodies?” -Marci Rubin.

Marci holds an BFA from Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute and and an MFA from the University of Chicago. Her work was recognized with the “curator’s choice” award at Wicker Park’s legendary Around the Coyote art festival twice, and she was a winner of the Bridgeport Art Center’s 1st Annual Art Exhibition, where she was awarded Best 3D work in show.

We will be open in conjunction with Wicker Park First Fridays from 6PM-10PM May 6th, and then please join us at 3PM, Saturday, May 7th for an informal artist talk with refreshments and music.