Kandero Ink

Drawings from life:






New York.

WorldTrade Center

In college, I drew a twice-weekly strip for the University of Chicago Maroon, called Cause Celebre, which starred two anonymous college age protestors. The “gag” of my strip was to occasionally insert a second “strip within a strip” on the protest signs my characters carried.

Cause CelebreIMAG4042-1


“I wasn’t happy when I found out there wasn’t weapons.” Ah Bushisms. The president who made satire obsolete. What I find interesting in this strip is the very 2004 phrase “online photos.” Now, eleven years later, pretty much all photos anyone sees are “online.”

Cause Celebre strips

Those were dark times:

21st Century



When I wasn’t failing classes at the University of Chicago or drawing, I worked at a picture framing operation that was a lot like this one:

Shadowbox p1

Shadowbox p2

Shadowbox p3


Excerpt from a comic I did back in ’02. For a while I was really influenced by the autobiographical minimalism of Adriaan Tomine’s seminal comic Optic Nerve.


samaritan page one


Messengerlog: I worked as a bike messenger in Chicago for a while. The one thing you can’t control in that job is when and how people open their car doors. Never have I been so aware and afraid of an inanimate object.




First and last page of Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner (song to comix adaptation). Warren Zevon is one of my great heroes. Unafraid to tell the stories of weirdos and outcasts, Zevon was the son of a professional gambler who would occasionally drop young Warren off for piano lessons at Igor Stravinsky’s house.  These are the surviving pages of a comic I submitted in an application to participate in a creative writing workshop with Art Spiegelman.

roland page 1

roland last page


Prairie Home Taxonomy: A graphic representation of an American phenomenon, drawn in ’07.


My current political cartoons can be found here

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