Jackson Pollock Taco Night!

In the mid Twentieth Century, a group of artists practicing what would come to be called Abstract Expressionism established New York as a creative capital and American painting as the world’s trailblazing modern art movement. Imagine what they could have achieved if they had been working in media such as cilantro and crema fresca?

Clean, new mylar plastic on the floor, tortillas on the mylar, and the rest, as Snoop would say, is fo’ drizzle. Gone are the outdated modes of taco production where we stand at some bourgeois counter, delicately assembling tacos that fail to convey spontaneous truth about tacos. The “taco essence” we seek can only be found through “action taco-ing.” We make our tacos on the floor!

Its a movement…


Abstract Mexpressionism

…and everyone needs one, every day.*

Step up and make a taco, while the gestural masterpiece you are creating to is video-recorded from above and projected on a wall in real time.  Taco elements, brushes, dowels, buckets and squirting implements are provided, please BYOB and dress appropriately.

Stay tuned for info about how much rice paper to bring for Cristo Taco Night as well as info about harnesses for Maude Lebowski Fish Taco Night. John Cage taco night is tentatively scheduled for May, though make sure to eat first, as we will be sitting in a silent, taco-less room for four and-a-half minutes.

*apologies to Harry Shearer

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