The Ghost – Sean Hernandez

Binder1 (1)09

PI&S is proud to announce our first solo exhibition of 2014; printmaker and Illustrator Sean Hernandez brings us a new series of images exploring the fictional town of Holwin’ Creek.

Part magical realism, part outsider folklore, and part parable, Sean’s drawings bring to mind Blake, Henry Darger, Hieronymus Bosch and a dose of Cynthia Plaster Caster. Maggot-like phalluses swarm around the characters, but the story retains a kind of haunting innocence.

Simply put, no-one makes art like this.

In addition to the new series on display, we’ll be screening an Hernandez animation that also explores Howlin’ Creek, as well as some of his other drawings and prints, many of which will be for sale. Be sure to also stop by Shaina Hoffman’s new monthly performance event, Life Rhymes, just down the way from PI&S in the Flatiron building the same night.

if you can’t make it out 2/3, join us at the end of the week on 2/7 for Flatiron First Fridays, and a second chance to see the show.

Sean’s work is also currently on display at the Peanut Gallery, and online at

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