Retro/modern Sideshow Banner

In the style of great sideshow banner artists such as Snap Wyatt and Johnny Meah, a 3′ by 7′ tall sideshow banner for Chicago-based performance artist Shorty Belle, who’s trademark act (for now) is renegade aerial silks.


Acrylic on heavy canvas, with glitter-faux accents and bedazzled copper rings in the corners, to duplicate the slightly worn look and well-travelled feel of the real thing. Inspired by a photo taken by Philamanjaro at the 2013 North Halsted Halloween parade, where the Freakeasy crew put together an incredible spectacle: Shorty dangled three stories above the parade from a moving construction crane/float, decorated to look like her silks were the forked tongue of a giant evil clown.  All this took place in a consistent light freezing rain.


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