Stellatos, Karas, Hilborn, Dancy & Gelehrter: Dec. 7th Flatiron First Friday


IT’S GETTING COLD OUTSIDE, but things are heating up in the Flatiron. This First Friday open studios will feature a plethora of art, so come ready to get a leg up on your holiday shopping while supporting local artists!

MICHAEL STELLATOS is a street photographer based in Chicago, Illinois. 


The focus of Michael’s work is narrative through candid images of people in the streets on Chicago and Greek life in the United States, and all over the world. His primary goal is to capture the mood of each scene or character, and create a story that has a timeless quality.


His inspirations in photography are Ansel Adams, Vivian Maier, Harry Gruyaert, and Danny Lyon.​ We’re happy to welcome his work to the walls of the Flatiron! 

BARTEK KARAS is well known in Chicago and beyond for spinning bass music under the name Jeekoos, and maybe that’s how the robots found him…


“The BotBots descended upon me from inner space, appearing one day as if it were most ordinary of events. Our relationship has developed over the past couple of months into something more organic than one might expect.”


“We’re looking into the future together, developing what it might bring. One Bot at a time.”

These robots make perfect hand-made gifts! Come an get ’em!

DAVID HILBORN is a multi-medium artist. His work over the years has varied in style, material and technique while maintaining consistency through unique color harmonies, complex patterning and exposed structures.


When he’s not creating personal work, He is usually out creating artwork for commercial and residential clients.  We’re happy to welcome him to the 3rd floor galleries of the Flatiron.


MARGARET BOBO-DANCY is the Flatiron’s newest resident artist. Originally from Winston – Salem, NC, she graduated from the School of the Art Institute in 2013.


Her work is at times figurative, at times sensual and is often lush and surreal. Her media range from bronze and glass to video, and it has been seen at Echt Gallery, The SAIC Sullivan Gallery, Gallery 400, Woman-made gallery and Jackson Junge.


She’s a great addition to our community and you can get a sneak peek of her work this Friday!

Also: this month is your last chance to see Palimpest of Chance and Change by Erik Gelehrter.  And then be sure to come back Jan 4th First Friday for Pen, Ink & Song’s 5th anniversary party, featuring live music, surprise guests and a giant art liquidation sale! Come get lost in the Flatiron!

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