The Empire Acquires … Your Childhood

The Walt Disney company is worth about $80 Billion. Disney acquired Lucasfilm in 2012 at a valuation of about $4 Billion.


From now on, the Star Wars ‘canon’ will come to include whatever movies Disney churns out every Christmas, and Dark Horse comics will no longer publish Star Wars books – now Marvel comics will. Because Disney also acquired Marvel for about $4 Billion in 2009.

George Lucas might very well have created the most beloved fairytale of our time, and Stan Lee’s shop gave birth to the socially relevant superhero…but both companies were but little rogue ships by comparison to the Death Star that is Mickey and Co. Like the Empire we were raised to fear, Disney’s tractor beam will keep sucking up pieces of our culture. “That’s no moon…”

And speaking of moons…Steven Spielberg’s Dreamworks Pictures’ films are marketed and distributed by its parent company -you guessed it- Disney.

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