Soda Pop – Erotica Recondite: a Collection Curated by Keith Brownlee.

Join us Friday, February 5th for a celebration of erotica from a diverse group of artists, curated by Keith Brownlee.  From the Oxford English Dictionary’s entry for recondite –  Mid 17th century: from Latin reconditus ‘hidden, put away’, past participle of recondere, from re-‘back’ + condere ‘put together, secrete.’eroticareconditeChicago artist Keith Brownlee studied at the American Academy of Art, the School of the Art Institute Chicago and Columbia College. Keith has worked for 15 years in the commercial design industry and as a museum installation expert.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 3.03.36 PM

From painting to sculpture, design and fabrication, Keith is a passionate teacher who loves the process of developing an idea into an artistic reality. His long and diverse resume includes opening Chicago’s Fetutio gallery, so as our guest curator at PI&S this February, he has assembled a body of work that delves into a world of erotica that is neither obvious or crass – but rather challenges the viewing audience’s preconceived notions of erotic art.

Featuring work by:

Jojo Baby
Ian Bennett
Keith Brownlee
Chris Cullner
Margaret Bobo Dancy
Karlis Kandero
Chuck Walker
Jeff Zelnio

The Flat Iron Arts building, 1579 North Milwaukee Ave. Studio#344, Pen, Ink & Song. 6- 10 pm.

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